Digital Signage & Digital Display Technology

Digital Signage & Digital Display Technology

PAI delivers creative digital signage and digital display technology to attract, engage and inform customers, enhancing the customer experience and in-store journey.

Whether a game changing, iconic ‘real world’ experience is required, or something more intimate that ‘brings the internet back into the high street’, we can construct effectively conspicuous statements designed for visual impact, immersive experiences, or smaller scale ‘shelf level’ close communications.

Research has proven that customers will gravitate towards stores that delight with a compelling and immersive personal brand experience. We have therefore built a scalable platform that allows retailers to broaden their existing strategies, and seamlessly incorporate digital messaging with existing visual merchandising.

Our design led approach as an integrator affords us the ability to recommend digital signage and digital display technology that is best suited to client needs and remains sympathetic to décor. We apply flexible simplicity, combining off-the-shelf technology with bespoke engineering:

  • Creative use of best-in-class display technology, built for commercial use
  • Interactive human interfaces using touch, gestures and haptics
  • Industry leading digital signage players
  • Media creation and format conversion
  • Cloud based content management, scheduling, distribution and reporting
  • Mobile / table integration through extensible APIs
  • Open standards, web based development
  • Audience measurement / media automation
  • Low network utilisation and minimal risk / change to existing infrastructure
  • Scalable, with flexible ownership models
  • Systems monitoring by our network operations team
  • Proactive and reactive support by our countrywide team of specialist engineers

To discuss any retail project with digital signage / digital display technology requirements, simply contact our retail AV designers and engineers today on 01554 740500 /